CCBoot Client

CCBoot Client 3.0

Controls and configures boot parameters for LAN
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Automate and optimize network management by creating a disk-free boot environment for a selected LAN. The solution offers central management capabilities for multiple computers, customized launch, fast backup, redundancy, and dynamic allocation of storage space, etc.

CCBoot Client offers a seamless diskless boot on LAN. Eliminating the need for a local hard drive opens a wide range of possibilities for network management. Using this configuration, the disks for many network computers can be centrally managed, thereby facilitating backup, redundancy, and dynamic allocation of valuable storage resources while at the same time reducing cost to the enterprise. Booting from iSCSI makes system administration considerably easier. Freeing a server of its boot volume allows administrators to manage investments in their iSCSI SANs, attaining improved data security, integrity and recovery, higher availability, quicker server deployment & repurposing, and more efficient utilization of storage resources.

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